Well-being Week in St Matthew’s

Well-being Week took place from 19th-23rd January across the school and certainly succeeded in making us feel good! The week was divided into different days and each class had a range of activities each day. Here’s a reminder of what we did – perhaps it will re-inspire you to take care of your well-being! Why not try out something from each day again this week?

On Mindful Monday, all the classes took part in some mindful eating, colouring and breathing, stopping to take breaks throughout the day and to remember to be mindful of their bodies, their minds, and others. 

Thankful Tuesday was all about saying thinking about saying thank you to those around us.  Junior and Senior Infants created a collage of things and people they were thankful for. 1st and 2nd created thankfulness acrostic poems. 3rd and 4th Class created thank you cards to give to special people in their lives. 5th and 6th Class wrote letters to a person they are thankful for, then decorated them and gave them to the person. The senior classes also kept a gratitude journal for the week.

On Wellness Wednesday, the younger classes made mindful jars. Sometimes when we’re upset, we need to take some time out to resettle ourselves, and the mindness jars can really help our wellbeing! The older classes carried out a wellbeing check-up and worked on developing a growth mindset. For instance, instead of saying, “I can’t do it!”, they are going to try to say things like: “I can’t do it yet, but I will”, and “I can if I keep trying, and I won’t give up!”

Making Mindful Jars

Thoughtful Thursday was a day to think about others. The younger classes used their hands to think of five ways they could be kind to others. The older classes went around their class writing compliments and thoughtful messages to one another.

We also each decorated a hand to make a lovely display. This reminds us every time that we pass that we can be helpful and kind to others at all times!


All our hands together, ready to remind us to be helpful!

Finally, Feel-Good Friday was a day to feel good! We started with an assembly celebrating all the good things we’d done during the week, and had a whole-school dance to the Cha Cha Slide! Each class then chose something that made them feel good, whether that was extra Golden Time, a special story time, a chat and chill time or something else. The important thing was it was to make everyone feel good!

Junior Infants enjoying a special story time for Feel-Good Friday!

We also had ’50 ways to take a break’ as part of our homework this week. Each night we took 5 minutes to meaningfully take a break. It was a time to really focus on our wellbeing and to do something that made us feel good. Why don’t you try out one of these yourself today?

(50 Ways to Take a Break. Credit: Karen Horneffer-Ginter, Ph.D.)