Welcome to Senior Infants 2020!

Senior Infants have had wonderful start to their year in Senior Infants. We have settled back into school life in St. Matthew’s and have learned lots of new and exciting things this half term!

We have learned a lot about Autumn including the different colours, animals and words associated with it. We made autumnal trees in art and saw the changing colour of the leaves around the school.

We talked a lot about our hobbies and our talents this half term. We have such a fantastic mix of talents in our class!

We were so excited to continue thematic play this year in Senior Infants. We are so creative and always enjoy constructing and creating during play time, while also engaging in role play and dramatic play. We had so much fun in the Vet’s Surgery and took such care in looking after our ‘pets’.

We are wonderful mathematicians and love counting! We are learning to add numbers, and we have been comparing lengths to discover which is longest chain/ wall.

We were so excited when Jersey Day came around. Money was collected for the charity GOAL. We were so lucky that a member of our class brought in the Pro 14 trophy to St. Matthew’s for Jersey Day.

What excitement there was the last day of term- we all had a chance to dress up in fancy dress. We love playing outdoors and played many outdoor games this term.

Let’s see what the winter term in Senior Infants brings!