These are a few of our favourite things…about St Matthew’s!

6th Class have been reflecting on their time in St. Matthew’s and all their many happy memories. Here are some of their favourite things about this school and the reasons we all love it so much!

The best part about St Matthew’s is that it is filled with truly great people. Allegra

My favourite memories in St Matthew’s are: Doing Uptown Funk in Irish with the whole school and the teachers, going on a Teddy Bears’ Picnic with my class in Junior Infants and going to the park in 5th Class. Anna

My favourite thing about St Matthew’s is how welcome I felt when I joined in second class and all the amazing friends that I have made ever since.  Cleo

The best thing about St. Matthew’s is all the teachers are nice and usually enjoy their jobs. John

My favourite thing about St. Matthew’s besides my classmates and teachers is probably all the pancake days and ice cream days in general – they are just something fun and unique (I don’t know any other schools that do this). I also really like how the schools do things like JEP, Science Blast and the Gaeltacht. Even though we got totally ripped off and didn’t end up going to the Gaeltacht it doesn’t make it any less cool that the school does it. Bella

The best thing about St Matthew’s is how nice all the people are. Jessica

I always loved breaks and yard time. It meant we could get out in the air and all play games together. I also really liked being in a mixed school. Charlie

I love the way that all the teachers have nice attitudes, you will make tons of friends and the teachers always help you when you have a problem. Benjamin

The best things are the friends I made and the teachers. Conor

My favourite things about St Matthew’s are all the children and teachers and all the fun activities we do.  Emily

My favourite thing about St. Matthew’s was our ice-cream party every year and Sports Day. I also loved playing football in the yard at break (except for people kicking the ball over the fence. We must have lost about 30 balls!!) Finn

My favourite thing about St. Matthew’s is how all students and teachers are very welcoming and accepting. Lucia

My favourite thing about St. Matthew’s is that my friends are there and some of them are even teachers! It’s a fair and caring place, small enough so we know everyone, like a big family. Our class is the best! After summer holidays every year I loved coming back to see my friends and catch up. I am especially enjoying being a senior. Ava

My favourite thing about St. Matthew’s is all of the people. Beth

My favourite thing about St Matthew’s was making friends. Garret

My favourite thing about St Matthew’s is that they do not discriminate against different genders, races or beliefs and that everyone is welcome. My greatest accomplishment  is when I walk into school every day and see what amazing people I am surrounded by, each unique and special in their own way and how grateful I am to have such great teachers and thoughtful friends to help me through the day. Jenny 

My favourite things about St. Matthew’s is the fact that it’s so small so everybody knows each other. Also every single teacher in the school is really kind and helpful. And my favourite memory of St Matthew’s is sitting on the bench with my friends and talking until the bell went. Kitty

My favourite thing about St. Matthew’s is how social all the teachers are. Lúí

My favourite thing about St. Matthew’s is that it is so friendly and a laid-back environment. Luca 

My favourite thing about St Matthew’s N.S: My friends and the teachers. It being a small school. Not that much homework, most of the time!! Maebh

St Matthew’s has been a great school for learning, for making friends and for having so much fun in the process. I hope to do teaching when I go to college and one day I might be lucky enough to end up in a school just like St Matthew’s. I will miss it so much but it has prepared me well for Secondary. Lucy

The best thing about St Matthew’s for me has always been the people. I will miss school traditions like the carol service, Active Week, and Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine, but I will miss all the people I am leaving behind – teachers and friends – more. Eva

6th Class will miss St. Matthew’s, and St. Matthew’s will miss them too!