St. Matthew’s National School

Student Council

At the start of the school year, nine diligent and hardworking kids were chosen through an election. These kids make up the Student Council! Senior Infants and Junior Infants are represented by two kids from Sixth Class. Sixth Class has so many great ideas that we needed two reps!

Right now, we are working to make the yard fairer and more fun! Break time and lunch time should be a thoroughly enjoyable part of the day and we want to make it so. We are considering dividing the benches evenly between the different yard spaces, and we are trying to make the rules fairer at break time.

We take our ideas from the kids and make them a reality. Some of their amazing ideas included: fundraising for a charity; finding a new place to park our bikes and scooters; improving the yard spaces; doing more outdoor and indoor activities; and encouraging kids to read by getting new books, or if people have books they don’t want anymore they can feel free to donate them to the school. We might even organise a talent show!

Our aim is to make our school a better place to learn and have fun in. We will try our very best to achieve a lot this year. We love this school and we want to put smiles on your faces!

Yours sincerely,

The Student Council