STEM Success in 6th Class!

St. Matthew’s STEM Week took place across the school from 25th-29th November and 6th Class thoroughly enjoyed it!

Each day, we focused on a different element of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

For Science, each member of 6th Class researched their own experiments and carried them out for the rest of the class. They then explained the science behind them. Some of our favourites included:

-adding vinegar and baking powder together, which reacted to cause a mini-explosion;

-using washing up liquid to break up the fats in milk to cause food colouring to spread and create lovely patterns;

-mixing cornflour and water to create an amazing substance that acts like a liquid when being poured, but like a solid when a force is acting upon it;

-reacting Mentoes with the carbon dioxide in Coke to cause the Coke to spray out of the bottle!

-making a stopwatch work powered by the electrolytes in a potato and a lemon!

-making a bubble gun!

We also researched famous scientists, made posters using the computer and shared the information with the class.

In Technology, we used computers and tablets to play some Maths games. We also carried out LegoWeDo projects, where we had to create and program various useful objects, including something that could grab another object, send messages, or work as a moon base. Having had lots of practice with LegoWeDo in the past, 6th Class were more than able for the challenge!

For Engineering, pupils designed and built their own wind-powered vehicles, to prepare for a world where more sustainable transport choices will be needed. There were a lot of interesting and creative designs!

In Maths we played some Maths games on the iPads and computers, and also carried out a Maths Murder Mystery investigation. All groups caught the guilty suspect!

6th Class also had two wonderful talks during the week. One was ‘Marvellous Magnetism’ and the other was on ‘Careers in IT’. We learned a lot from both, including about the power of super-computers and more about how magnets work. Many were inspired to look at potential careers in Science and IT in the future! Thank you to Maria and Marcus for coming in to talk to us – we really appreciate it!

All in all it was a very successful STEM Week in 6th Class!