Slinkachu – Little People 3rd Class Art Project

For a few weeks after Christmas we studied Slinkachu. He is an artist that creates pictures and uses special techniques to capture the image. We began by talking about his work, and trying to figure out how he does it. We thought his use of colour and composition were important. Next we recreated some of his pictures ourselves – that was lots of fun! Finally we planned and made our own Slinkachu inspired pictures. We all really enjoyed the project and would love you to see some of our work!

IMG_0074 DSC00486 IMG_7033  These 3 pictures are recreations of Slinkachu

These are some of our original pieces – have a look outside our classroom to see more!

DSC00497 DSC00501 IMG_0112 IMG_0127 IMG_7065 IMG_7075