Visitors from the Farm in Senior Infants

This term Farmer Billy visited us and said we could look after 5 chicken eggs from his farm. Senior Infants were very excited by this. Within a couple of days, we noticed holes emerging in the eggs as the chicks began to hatch from their eggs. The were very tiny at first but within a few days they began to grown and their feathers became soft and fluffy. The chicks were transferred to their hutch and Senior Infants looked after the chicks each day by feeding them and by giving them water to drink. The chicks became new members of the class in the Senior Infant classroom and loved to make their voices heard with all their chirping! After a couple of weeks, the chicks had grown so much that it was time for them to go back to the farm. We were so lucky to have the chicks with us and to see them hatch from their eggs and grow into little chicks!

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