Science Week 2016

1st Class have been very busy learning lots of science this week. We did a ‘Dancing Raisin’ Experiment. We filled one glass with water and one glass with 7-up.


Before we put in the raisins, we predicted what we thought might happen. We added the raisins into the glass with water – nothing happened!! When we added the raisins into the glass with 7-up they started ‘dancing’. We all thought this was a really cool experiment.

img_0888       img_0890

On Thursday, we met up with 2nd Class and did a science quiz. We were asked lots of questions and jokes based on science. We found the jokes really funny! Science Team came in first place. The BFG and Science Kids came in joint second place. Well done to everyone.

img_0892 img_0894 img_0895