Science Fest!

On Wednesday 18th January, we were very lucky to attend a science fest organised my the very kind parents in our school. We were split into 4 groups and rotated every 10 minutes. Each of the four stations were ran by expert parent volunteers who taught us so much about a particular area of science. The four stations were:
1: Geology / Fossil Station
2: Bacteria Station
3: Pressure Station
4: Ooblek and Density Station

Anna and Charlie will briefly explain what happened at the Bacteria Station and the Pressure Station

Bacteria Station by Anna Plunkett

This was probably my favourite station as it was so cool. We looked under microscopes at germs, some were pretty scary. Then Ian put orange paint on his hands to represent germs. He was then blindfolded and given 10 seconds to wash his hands the best he could. At the end there was still paint on his thumbs and between his fingers! So you have to wash your hands for more than 10 seconds!.

DSC00480 DSC00470 DSC00482 IMG_4588

Pressure Station by Charlie Plant

Next we went to the pressure station. We had to try to crush air, we found this was impossible. Then we tried to crush water which was just as hard to do too. We then squirted water out of a syringe with a tiny hole. It went really fast because of the pressure that was being applied to the tiny spout.

DSC00476 DSC00485