Pancake Party

Junior Infants:

On the Tuesday before mid-term beak we had a pancake party in school! After drama class with Oonagh we walked down to the hall. Arlo’s Mum and Lucy’s Mum and Dad were there with some other parents. We had one yummy pancake each and lots of lovely toppings like chocolate sauce and sprinkles! It was so much fun!

First Class:

We had a fantastic pancake party in aid of Temple Street Hospital. We had lots of different pancake toppings. We particularly loved the chocolate sauce and the lemon flavouring. We put tons of sprinkles on our pancakes. They tasted delicious. We had lots of fun eating pancakes and chatting with our friends.

Sixth Class:

The week before Pancake Tuesday we had a pancake party in the school. Some parents brought in pancakes and members of the PA and teachers helped by kindly serving us all toppings. Each class got a turn to go down to the hall and eat their pancakes. The younger classes each got one pancake but the older classes got two. We all enjoyed the delicious pancakes and we would like to thank the PA for organising such an amazing pancake party.

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