Our time with Ms Clements so far…

Ms Clement’s has been our teacher for 2 weeks now. We have been having lots of fun with Ms Clements but most importantly learning loads!

In maths we were working on data and length. For data we were busy making all kinds of graphs like block graphs, line graphs and bar charts.
For length we loved all the measuring tasks. One of these tasks was to become a tailor. A tailor is someone who makes clothes so knowing how to measure is extremely important to them.
We had to measure our partner’s leg and arm length, waist and head size.


We also held a mini-olympics. In the mini-olympics we used trundle wheels. A trundle wheel measures length in metres. Some of the events in the competition were how far we could hop in 10 secs and the length of our broad jump.


In PE, we have been busy with dance and making up routines. This week we focused on dancing while including ribbons in our routine. This is a form of rhythmic gymnastics.