Memories from the Gaeltacht

The Gaeltacht

This year 5th class went to the Gaeltacht on the 14thof May in Donegal with many other schools in Ireland. Our Bean on Tí was called Sheila.

On the second day, we went to a theme park and there was lots of different rides. There was a bucking bronco, bubble floats that went in the water and bungee jumping. Later, in the evening at around 8 we went to the colaiste for a trá na gceist.

On the third day, after Irish classes, we went to the Aran Islands on a boat and we played on the beach for a while. In the evening there was a talent show in the colaiste. There was a singer called Amber who sang a Justin Bieber song. There were people playing on instruments and doing Gymnastics. There was even a dancer called Kyle who was on Irelands got talent and got into the finals!

On the last day after Irish classes, we went to the beach and we had a lot of fun, and I even found a starfish! At seven or eight we went to the colaiste and we had a disco and a ceili. It was a lot of fun.

Then on the 18th of May, we headed back to St.Matthews, stopping at Monaghan for some shopping and a break. We all really enjoyed it and I hope we get to do something like it again because it was heaps of fun.

By Rebecca 5th class


The Gaeltacht was a mind-blowing experience. It is something no one would or could forget. I feel so lucky that I have had that experience. That was a trip of a lifetime.

While were in Donegal. We had a ceili, a quiz, went to an adventure centre, the beach and Arranmore Island. Our Bean an Tí was called Sheila. She had two children, two dogs, a trampoline, a set of swings, a slide and her cooking was amazing!

All in all, it was an amazing trip!

By Mia Clarke