Meet the Staff

Within St. Matthew’s N.S. we are very fortunate to have a skilled, committed and highly qualified teaching team. There are eight class teachers and four special education teachers (SET). There are four Special Needs Assistants, and one classroom assistant who works in Junior and Senior Infants. Class teachers plan their programmes of work for delivery during the school year. Special education teachers plan in similar detail for individual pupils and groups of pupils under their care.

School Staff 2023-2024


Cliodhna O’Reilly


Casey McConnell


Pre-School               Jackie Earley

Junior Infants          Casey McConnell

Senior Infants          Hazel Buckley

First Class                 Shannon Agar

Second Class           David McAndrew

Third Class               Rebekah Roulston

Fourth Class            Katie Byrne

Fifth Class                Rachael Cavanagh 

Sixth Class               Rachel Fallows 


Ruth Walsh

Franky Keane

Caitlin Hendy

Ciara Reilly

Amy Dunne/Carol-Anne Blake


Mick Byrne

Mary Bolton

Mary Nolan

Josh Bell


Audrey O’Connor


Lynn Betson


Carmel Joyce
Louise Doyle

Supporting Pupils with Additional Needs

All children are unique and we respect the individuality of each of our pupils. At times a pupil may need some extra support with their learning.


In Class Support (Team Teaching)

This is provided by the support teacher and the class teacher in the classroom. The class teacher and support teacher work alongside each other to help provide a higher level of support to all children in the class. This type of support is usually Literacy or Numeracy based. In the junior end of the school, the class teacher works with a number of special education teachers to provide specific programmes such as ‘Literacy Lift Off’. In the senior end of the school, a mixture of team teaching and station teaching is provided. In Class Support provides a lower pupil-teacher ratio for key activities, giving each child more individual time with a teacher. Pupils experiencing minor difficulties are supported in the classroom in a holistic and inclusive way.


Small Group Withdrawal

Withdrawal in small groups is provided by SET for key areas such as Literacy, Numeracy, behavior, social skills etc.  Depending on the individual child, this support may be required for different lengths of time. The school will decide which pupils may be offered small group withdrawal. Usually, the class teacher will provide In Class support or interventions prior to withdrawal support taking place.


Individual Support

This is a higher level of support. Support is provided on an individual basis, either through in class support or withdrawal depending on the needs of the child.

At all times parents are involved in the decision making process regarding the level of support offered to their child by the school. Support is always given at a level appropriate to the individual needs of a child within the overall allocation of support given to the school by the DES.