Teaching Staff

Within St. Matthew’s N.S. we are very fortunate to have a skilled, committed and highly qualified teaching team. Class teachers plan their programmes of work for delivery during the school year. These plans contain learning aims and objectives, skills to be taught, teaching methodologies, teaching/learning resources, subject differentiation and assessment of learning and, where appropriate, use of the local environment. At the end of each month class teachers compile a monthly progress record of the work completed during the month.

Resource and Learning Support teachers plan in similar detail for individual pupils and groups of pupils under their care. They also compile comprehensive progress records for each child.

 Our Current Staff:

Principal:  Naomi Rousseau

Deputy Principal:  Casey McConnell

Junior Infant Teacher:  Miriam O’Keeffe

Senior Infant Teacher:  Hannah Goulden

1st Class Teacher:  Noiríin Roche

1st Class Teacher:  Clare O’Malley

2nd Class Teacher:  Amy Dunne

3rd Class Teacher:  Katie Byrne

4th Class Teacher:  Gena McKay

5th Class Teacher:  David McAndrew

6th Class Teacher:  Rachel Fallows

Special Education Teacher:  Nicola O’Neill

Special Education Teacher:  Alice Griffin

Special Education Teacher:  Hazel Buckley-Gallagher

Special Education Teacher:  Rachael Cavanagh

Special Needs Assistant:   Mary Bolton

Special Needs Assistant:   Mick Byrne

Special Needs Assistant:   Mary Nolan

School Secretary:  Lynn Betson

Caretaker:  Vic Dasal Jnr