Maths Week 2018

Maths Week 2018 was filled with lots of fun activities that involved us using our Maths skills in a variety of different formats.


We were paired with Senior Infants for Maths buddies. Each member of 6th class was paired with a senior infant. The 6th class child worked with their buddy to complete a variety of counting tasks based on the Very Hungry Caterpillar.



Money Sense Workshop. Volunteers from Ulsterbank visited us on Tuesday for our annual moneysense workshop. This year our task was to solve a selection of clues to determine who the suspect was. As always, throughout the workshop we learned and considered tips and tricks about dealing with money.


6th class along with Ms Cavanagh and Ms Griffin visited the Helix for a special maths week event. The event was called murderous maths. Throughout the event we were presented with lots of maths riddles and tricks. It was enjoyed by all including the teachers. One of the most interesting thing that got us thinking was how Sierpinski’s Triangle can just continue on and on into infinity.


On Thursday, Islamic geometic art was the focus. Art and Maths share so many connections and today we focused on the symmetry, tessellations and patterns that can be found in Islamic art works. We then began to create our own patterns in a traditional style.