Lockdown Life in 6th Class!

6th Class have been kept busy with lots of tasks from Ms Fallows during lockdown. Here are some of the highlights from the last number of months.


Tessellations are when things fit together without overlapping or gaps, and are all around us in nature and society. We looked at some of the amazing work of M.C. Escher, who used tessellations to great effect in his artwork (you should check him out!). We then took a square or a rectangle, then cut and stuck parts of it to make a new, tessellating shape. We then used this as a template to make our own tessellating pictures and then decorated them. Look at how everything fits together without overlapping to make a pattern!


Gaeltacht Week

6th Class were understandably devastated when they found out they weren’t going to the Gaeltacht for a week, as per tradition in St. Matthew’s. However, they all joined in with some brilliant activities and thoroughly enjoyed their Seachtain na Gaeltachta at home.

Some of the activities included:

-An féidir leat i nóiméad flat? – a series of Minute-to-Win-it challenges, including moving a práta across the room with your nose or balancing things on your ceann. The reviews for this activity were great: “Bhí sé an spraíúil!” “Bhain mé taitneamh as!”

-Zooming with a group to change the lyrics to a song into Irish – you should hear the results!

-Most people managed to get onto Zoom for a traditional Tráth na gCeist. They all did really well, even though the questions were all as Gaeilge!

-Making up tongue twisters as Gaeilge!

One of the best activities during Gaeltacht Week, however, wasn’t the work, but an initiative set up by Jenny, Allegra and Zoe – the Siopa Milseán. The girls bought sweets from their own pocket money and set off on the Friday to go and deliver them, along with messages as Gaeilge, to everyone in their class! Socially distanced excursions at their best, and it was great for everyone to see some of their classmates. How cineálta of our girls as well!

Active Week in 6th Class!

6th Class had a great time doing all the activities in Active Week. For the Sports Day many got together in socially distanced groups to compete! There was even a track set up in Seán Moore Park. 6th Class got to visit across the day and take their own part in it. Thank you to Lucy’s mum for setting that up! It was a great success!

New Skills in 6th Class

6th Class may have been in lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped them from taking up new skills, practising and improving, and generally making the most of it!

Some things that we’ve been doing are: skateboarding, playing ukulele, making Powerpoint presentations, building with wood and doing various DIY projects,

And of course, as you’d expect from this class, there’s been/ lots and lots of Art! Below you can see some more examples of the amazing skills in 6th Class in our gallery here!


It’s been a tough few months, but there have been some positive points!