Junior Infants 2020!

We have got off to a flying start in junior infants this year!

The boys and girls have settled so well to their new classroom and school it is like they have always been here.

We have started to learn our letters and the rhymes that go along with each new sound, we have had so much fun learning all the rhymes.

Play time is a firm favourite in our class and the children are really enjoying the Aistear programme of learning through play, we move in stations to different Aistear areas including roll play, playdoh, junk art, building blocks and small world

We have also been doing lots of nice art activities that can be seen on the corridor outside our classroom or on seesaw for our parents.

We had a brilliant day for goal jersey day 2 weeks ago all the staff and children wore their jerseys and donated money to Goal, we also had a super special treat as the pro 14 trophy came to visit our classroom that day and we had our photograph taken with the trophy!

This week we are preparing for Halloween we have painted some pumpkins and talked about the lovely costumes that we have for Halloween. We are all looking forward to our fun day on Friday and a week off for mid-term.