June in 6th Class!

We may have missed out on our trip to the Gaeltacht, but we have had an awesome last month of school.

To start off, we had our official school trip to Surfdock. We were split into three groups and did paddleboarding and kayaking. There was a lot of splashing! Maya and Millie told Abby that there were loads of rats and eels in the water, so she refused to get into the water until they pushed her off the paddleboard. Albert and Axel kept trying to capsize everyone. Caspar said he would jump in with Maya, but at the last moment he stopped…but Maya didn’t!



Zack did a meditating pose while jumping in, yelling, “For Narnia!” Luke eventually managed to push Ms Goulden in! Ms Fallows also jumped in though we had had plans to capsize her which were never executed. After we changed, we went and got chips from the chipper. Then we went to Ringsend Park and played Last Man Standing on a spinning circle board. Then we all played tag.


Our next exciting thing was a trip to the beach. Andres and Seb brought massive garden shovels. As a class we built a big sandcastle with a moat and a huge hole. We felt like we were in the book ‘Holes’. We buried Maya in the sand.


Somehow, Abby, Millie and Maya got extremely wet…by ‘accident’. Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t get ice cream until they had dried off. We got Scoop ice cream which was delicious and just what we needed!


We also had a reptile zoo come to visit, a drumming workshop and Active Week. We went to the National Museum of Archaeology. We saw some bog bodies and other cool old artefacts. After that we went to McDonalds and then to the playground in St. Stephen’s Green before walking back to school.

Our International Day was on Russia. We learnt some Russian (privyet!) and tried lots of Russian foods. We had a PJ Day with a magician and an ice cream truck.

In the last week, we played some rounders, practised for our graduation, and had an epic water fight after school!

We will miss St. Matthew’s but we have had a great last month.