JEP 2021-22

 This term, one of the most interesting things we did was JEP. JEP stands for Junior Entrepreneur Program. It was really enjoyable, we also learnt a lot about business.

First, we came up with our ideas and had a vote, the top five stayed in and we split into groups. We spent a few weeks refining our ideas further. Then we started to make our presentations. After we  rehearsed and finished the details we presented to the dragons.

The dragons were a group people with business experience who were the ones to make the final decision of which product we will sell. The ideas were: raincoats, jerseys, sports kits (which had sport socks a gum shield and a drawstring bag) water bottles and animal magnets. The idea that was chosen was water bottles. Although my idea did not get chosen, I would gladly do it again as it was so much fun and I loved working with my group.