IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art)

During20141204_112042 (1) 20141204_114404 Art Week, we went to the Irish Museum of Modern Art on the 4th of December. We got on the bus at 10.30 and arrived at the Museum at 11.00. When we arrived at the Museum they gave us a quick run through of the rules and then we split up into two groups and then we saw the art. One of our favourite pieces was a sculpture that looked a little bit like a water slide or a rollercoaster. Another really cool piece of art was one  that was made by a South American who had ran away from his country because the government had not allowed artists to paint or make sculptures. If they didn’t obey the rules they would be put in jail. That piece that we saw was supposedly an illusion that had a lot of different coloured squares that got lighter and lighter as they got closer to the middle and then in the middle it was a diamond shape. The final piece of art we saw was a giant, brown sculpture that looked a bit like a sausage. We all got underneath the piece of art to see if we got scared. After we saw the last piece of art we went into the lunch room to have our lunch. All in all, it was a good trip.