Hockey 2016/2017

Girls Hockey:

At the start of the year the girls hockey group played in a hockey blitz to determine what division we would be put into in the league. We won every match apart from one at this blitz. Hockey was really fun this year. We trained really hard all year and had some fun matches that we tried our hardest in. Overall, hockey was great and we had so much fun in training and in the mini tournaments that we had at the end of the term. All the teachers were amazing and so kind and we would all really recommend doing hockey.

By 6th Class Hockey Girls


Boys Hockey:

Hockey this year was amazing because we got to play inter school matches. We trained so hard the whole time. Thanks to Ms Levis for great coaching and the hard work she put in to giving us matches. The matches really helped us to develop into the great team we are and gave us so much more confidence. Some games we won and some we didn’t but either way it was all good fun!

By 6th Class Hockey Boys