Here in 4th Class, we have been learning lots about Haikus. Haikus are a type of poetry that originated in Japan. They have 3 lines and must follow the syllable pattern of 5 – 7 – 5.

Ms Cavanagh gave us 3 topics to choose from to write our Haiku about:
1: Schools in the Past
2: Sound
3: Where I live

Here are our Haikus, we hope you enjoy them!

Ink pens in the class,
Dunses hat on your head, red
D on the hat top
By Jack

I like it at home,
it is not that far from school.
I like to live there
By Josh

The teacher is strict,
no one likes the dunces hat,
Sally rod, ink pens
By Rebecca

I live in Dublin,
A nice place to live indeed,
Dublin is the best.
By Marina

Cold and full of life,
Dublin is where I stay
at night, very fun Dublin
By Katie O’Reilly

I live in Ireland
Down with the trees and rivers,
and born in Mayo.
By Neil Óg

Sound is everywhere,
your brain helps your ear hear sound,
vacuums have no air.
By Mia

Sounds are vibrations,
Sound moves at the speed of sound.
Sounds move very fast.
By Jesse

Sound you can hear it,
sound is made from vibrations,
it travels in air.
By Rory

Where I live is close,
and when you’re there you like it,
Why not come over now?
By Sol

Where I live in Dublin
I live in a red brick house,
I like my red house.
By Cameron

Got the wrong answer,
sally rod whack whack whack whack,
no,no,no please no
By Ian

I live in Ringsend,
By the Liffey full of boats,
Happy to live here.
By Katie Simms

Dublin is my home,
I love Dublin rain or shine,
Lots of fun and friends.
By Rachel

Dublin is my home,
Dublin is fun and exciting,
it had vikings
By Alex

The water is cold,
Sometimes the sun is shining,
Friends can come along too.
By Anna

I live in Dublin,
It rains alot in Dublin,
Sometimes there is sun.
By Lisa

I live in Ireland,
with all the trees and rivers,
wonderful Dublin.
By Walter

I live in Dublin,
I have a big apartment,
I love Dublin city.
By John

You might get the whip,
so you better read very quick
or you get the whip.
By Luc

I live in Dublin,
Dublin is the capital,
Dublin is so fun.
By Sophie