Gaeltacht Trip 2016

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Last week sixth and fifth class went on a trip to the Gaeltacht in Anagaire, Donegal to a college called Colaiste na Rosann. We took a bus there on Monday morning at about 10 o’clock. Everyone was very excited to go to the Gaeltacht for the first time and we all were very giddy. We had a nice bus driver called Brian. We drove for about two hours before stopping in a shopping centre in a small village in Monaghan to get some MacDonalds. When we were driving through Donegal we drove past Ms. McConnell’s house and we waved at her dad. When we finally reached the college we were all tired but excited for the week ahead.

We arrived in and we were taken into the hall where they told us about what we would be doing for the rest of the week and the rules. The man who  explained how the Gaeltacht works was really nice, but he spoke really fast! We went into the yard for a while and then we were sorted into our different houses and then took the bus home to our different houses to meet the Ban an Tí. We were given time to settle down and then were given dinner before heading back down to the college to practice the Ceilí.

When we came home from the Ceilí, we had tea/supper which consisted of nutella, jam, toast, biscuits and LOTS of bread. Our Ban an Tí gave us so much food! We got 4 meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Tea/Supper.


On Tuesday Morning we had classes in the college and then we went to Dunlewy Actvity Centre. We did zorbing which was AMAZING and Bungee Jumping. That night we had a table quiz.


Wednesday was a really fun day in Donegal. We had classes again but this time we went to the beach and had a great day because we did races and made sand castles and did loads of other fun stuff. In the evening we had a talent show and there was a lot of talent from beat boxing to playing piano it was a really fun night.


On Thursday we went on a boat to Aran Mór Island and had a really good day. We were allowed to go to the shop and we were also allowed to relax. When we got back to our house, we had our final dinner in the house. The disco was really good and we had an amazing time.


On Friday Morning we went to have our final breakfast and finish packing to leave. When we left for Monaghan we were all a bit sad and wanted to stay. It was sad to end a really good trip.


Our favourite parts of the Gaeltacht were the bus trips because we met so many really nice people from ‘Our Lady’s Mercy’ and ‘Rathmicheal’ schools. We also loved the zorbing, the trip to the beach and the disco.

Overall, the Gaeltacht was by far, the BEST week of my life and we met the best people there too.