From Caterpillars to Butterflies!

This year in 4th class, we did gardening with Fiona and Jenny. First of all we made grass caterpillars from tights and grass seed! This was great fun particularly when we got to add googly eyes, feathers and pipe cleaners. We got a pair of tights and cut them in half. We then got some seed and soil and filled the tights with this mixture. We then tied the tights up and decorated them as we wished. Don’t forget to water them!



We then were very lucky to have five caterpillars in our classroom. We watched and waited patiently as they went through their life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly. While we were waiting the transformation, Ms Cavanagh taught us all about the life cycle of a butterfly in science. We learned the meanings of words such as metamorphisis and crysallis.
One morning, we arrived into our classroom to find two of the butterflies had hatched. It was a lovely sight to see! We fed the caterpillars with a sugar syrup to make sure they were not hungry. Within another couple of days, all the caterpillars had transformed and were now beautiful fluttering butterflies. We were all sad to release our butterflies.