First half term back in 2nd Class

2nd class have had a great first half term back in school. We have settled back into our new normal and  have learned a lot of new and exciting things.

We have learned a lot about Autumn including the different colours, animals and words associated with it. In art we have learned a lot about the primary colours and what colours we can make by mixing the paint. We learned how to make orange from red and yellow and how to make green from blue and yellow. During art we made lots of different shades of orange, red, yellow and brown to represent the leaves turning colours on the trees and falling during the Autumn season. We also learned about different Autumn animals including the fox and the hedgehog.

We also really enjoyed when the Pro 12 cup came to visit our class on Jersey Day. There was lots of excitement.  all were happy to take our picture with the big trophy.

The charity ALONE reminded us how during these strange times it is important to check in with older people and say hello. We created special older people and wrote them a special message.

We are looking forward to our next half term in 2nd class.