Election Fever!

Election fever hit 6th Class in the week before mid-term! Inspired by the General Election, we decided to conduct our own election to show what we would do if we formed the government.
As preparation, we learned about the General Election and the major parties and their leaders. We researched what constituency each of us lives in and followed up on the results, learning about the counting system in Ireland along the way. Proportional Representation Single Transferable Vote means that your vote can be transferred if your first preferred candidate surpasses their quota or is eliminated.
Then it was time for our own election. We looked at some manifestos to give us inspiration, but we had plenty of ideas on how the country should be run if we were in government. 
Here are some samples of some of our policies. Would you vote for us?
After the manifestos were written it was time to check out the competition – the other parties in the race. Manifestos were scrutinised as we prepared to grill the other candidates. Each party presented their vision for government and fielded some extremely tough questions from the floor! Some even discussed the possibility of coalition with other parties. 
Then it was time for voting. We gathered our ID and headed to the polling station, where we voted by secret ballot. We then distributed the votes using the PR-STV method. It was a very tense and exciting time! 
Food Dudes were elected on the first count as they had reached the quota. Other candidates were eliminated and the votes redistributed. The other three seats were filled by Creidimh, Kool Doods and the Communist Party of Ireland. Policy positions differ greatly between these parties so it remains to be seen if a government will be formed; however, there was great celebration and 6th Class thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Perhaps we have some future politicians in the class?