Culinary delights in 4th Class

This year 4th class are so lucky to be completing a six week program on healthy eating and food. Tristan and Ori’s mum and dad are running the workshop with help from Dunne and Cresenzi.

This week we focused on healthy eating and how simple healthy food can be. We looked at the food pyramid and discussed why we need each of the food groups. The thing that stood out for most of us was the amount of wholegrains we need to be eating in our diet for energy to run and play!

Then we moved on to the fun part -Preparing 2 dishes.
We got the opportunity to make two yummy dishes Brushetta and Mixed Salad. Everyone was amazed how such healthy and fresh ingredients could taste so yummy. We made our own Brushetta mix from tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil – It’s safe to say there was not much leftovers going home.

Dish 2 was a mixed salad. Here we mixed a variety of foods we might have in our fridge to create a yummy and healthy salad. We used different hams, cheese, olives and peppers but you can use whatever you have at home.

The smell in our classroom was leaving the rest of the school hungry! 🙂
Looking forward to next week’s workshop!

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