Constitution of St. Matthew’s National School Parents Association

1. The name of the Parents Association (PA) is “The St. Matthew’s National School Parents Association”. It is affiliated to the National Parents Council.

2. The purpose of the PA is to enable parents play their part in ensuring the best possible education for their children through the Association’s programme of activities. The aim of the PA is to:
a) inform and consult parents about the school’s activities and plans
b) foster co-operation between parents, teachers and the Board of Management
c) provide practical assistance to the school.

3. All parents or legal guardians of children enrolled in the school and the pre-school are deemed to be members of the PA. A Committee is elected on an annual basis to manage the operation of the PA on behalf of the parents.

4. The PA will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to report on its work for the past year and to elect a new Committee. The AGM shall be held no later than October 31st, in conjunction with the School’s ‘Parents Evening’. The outgoing Honorary Secretary shall liaise with the school on the organisation of the AGM. Members must be given at least two weeks notice in writing. The quorum for the Annual General Meeting is twenty members. Each member of the PA present at the AGM has an equal vote on any proposal put before the meeting.

5. The Committee shall be elected at the AGM and shall consist of a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 12 members. There will be at least one member on the committee from each class. Each member will be elected for one year; members may go forward for re-election the following year. A parent/legal guardian may nominate him/her self for election. Nominations may be given to the class teachers, the Principal, or the parent representatives on the BOM. Nominations may be submitted up to and at the AGM. The outgoing Committee will facilitate a handover to the incoming Committee.

6. The Committee may co-opt people onto the Committee to assist in their work. Sub committees can be set up for particular tasks.

7. The Committee shall elect officers at its first Committee Meeting. The elected officers of the PA are the Chairperson, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer. Pre-school parents are not eligible to hold an office.

8. The Committee will arrange with the Principal and the BOM a system for ongoing communication. The Committee may invite the School Principal to a Committee Meeting

9. The quorum for a Committee meeting is 50% +1 of the Committee members.

10. All meetings of the PA, the Committee, and any Sub-Committees will take place on the school premises.

11. The Committee may arrange general meetings of the Association throughout the year.

12. The Association may raise funds for the school in consultation with the BOM and the Principal. All funds raised will be placed in a PA bank account. The bank account will have four signatories: the Honorary Treasurer of the PA, the Honorary Secretary of the PA, the School Principal, the Honorary Treasurer on the BOM. Any two signatories will be required for withdrawals. The Association shall retain only such funds as are needed for its routine expenses, the remainder shall be transferred to the school’s bank account periodically. The Honorary Treasurer will present the PA’s annual Financial Accounts at the AGM.

13. The PA shall collaborate with the Chairperson of the BOM in the process of electing parent representatives to the BOM. Usually this will take place every four years.

14. The Association shall arrange for the periodic election of the school’s delegate to the National Parents Council.

15. Any changes in this constitution require a two-third majority of members present at a general meeting of the PA. Proposals for change in the constitution must be supported by at least six members, and must be submitted to the Honorary Secretary at least one month before the general meeting. Every member of the PA shall receive notice of any proposal to change the constitution at least two weeks before the general meeting.

This Constitution was adopted at the AGM of the Parents Association on October 2nd 2008 and supersedes all other Constitutions

You can download the Constitution in PDF format here: PA_Constitution_October 2nd 2008