Childvision Trip

1st Class visited Childvision in Drumcondra on the 14th February. When we arrived we were given name tags which had our names written on them in Braille. We played a few games to see what it would be like to do things without our sight. We had to wear blindfolds and try to complete the puzzles correctly. We also had to try to put on clothes without being able to see. This was very difficult and we had to think really hard about doing it properly.

20170214_101021 20170214_101029 20170214_101039 20170214_101212

We divided into two groups and went to three different places in Childvision. We went to the animal farm. There were lots of animals for us to look at – birds, rabbits, chickens, sheep and goats. We got to pet the rabbits, feed the chickens, sheep and goats and some of us were very lucky and got to go into the bird cages!

20170214_102511 20170214_104505 20170214_105009

We visited the stables and saw the ponies that are used in Childvision. The ponies are used on a sensory trail. We were all very brave and got to ride the ponies around the trail. We went through mud, water, over a bridge and on gravel. This was very exciting!

20170214_110249 20170214_111549 20170214_111713 20170214_111956 20170214_112205 20170214_112226

We went to the library and saw lots of books here. Some of these books were made out of material so we could feel the story when it was being read. We looked at some Braille books and felt what the dots were like.

20170214_113541 20170214_114159

We had a fantastic day at Childvision and we can’t wait for our next trip!