Baking fun!


Over the past two weeks, 4th class have been learning LOTS about farms and food in the past. We now recognise the hard work that was involved in working on a farm in the past. Thankfully machinery has helped reduced the workload for farmers!

We now know how the local town fair was so important for the farmers to buy and sell produce. We couldn’t imagine waiting one month to do our food shopping! We even got the chance to bake some traditional irish soda bread. Starbaker Ms Cavanagh how to knead the bread to get the mixture into a bread shape. We then took turns to make a loaf of our own and design the markings. A smiley face was the winning design. We were all surprised with how easy and tasty such a healthy bread could be! Yum! I think it’s safe to say everyone’s favourite part was the taste test – full marks! 🙂

IMG_3162 IMG_3171 IMG_3170 IMG_3176