Supporting Pupils with Additional Needs

All children are unique and we respect the individuality of each of our pupils. At times a pupil may need some extra support with their learning. There are two main forms of support:

Learning Support

This is provided by the Learning Support teacher in the classroom or by withdrawal in small groups. Depending on the individual child, this support may be required for differing lengths of time eg. one term or a full school year.
The school will decide which pupils may be offered Learning Support depending on a number of factors. Usually, the class teacher will commence the ‘staged approach’ where some in class supports or interventions are put in place. If the child in question still needs support, the Learning Support teacher will become involved.


This is a higher level of support, provided to children who have an assessed need. Usually, resource teaching is provided on an individual basis- either through in class support or withdrawal depending on the needs of the child. For a child to receive resource teaching hours, they must have an assessment report from a recognised professional, and fit the criteria set down by the Department of Education and Skills in conjunction with the NCSE (National Council for Special Education). The SENO (Special Educational Needs Organiser) who works for the NCSE will make the final decision as to whether a pupil will receive resource teaching hours.

At all times parents are involved in the decision making process regarding the levels and forms of support offered to their child by the school.