6th Class visit a Water Workshop for Science Week

On Monday 7/ 11/15 St Mathews 6th class went to science week at the GSI in Beggersbush, Dublin 4. At the science week GSI we were studying about water. Here are some facts that 6th class learned:

  • Limestone fizzes when mixed with water.
  • Landfills are used to dump waste and old water.
  • Farmers need to keep their water pumps away from landfills and animals

The water from landfills can be very dangerous and can affect our river water.


The GSI taught us that the water we have now is not going to last if this keeps up.

Next up we also learned that bugs can stick to water because of something called adhesion. This is when water sticks to other surfaces, like when you stick your hand into water and the water is on your hand that’s because of adhesion. Cohesion is when water sticks to water.

Next thing 6th class learned is that water will travel different ways depending on height. If water is travelling from a mountain to a hill obviously it will travel down because a mountain is bigger right? Wrong no matter which is bigger water can travel up the hill, unrealistically if you lifted the hill above the mountain the mountain is still bigger but the water will still flow down the hill.

The last thing is that limestone will fizz when mixed with water because water has an acidic chemical that will react when mixed with limestone.

Thanks to Ms Swanton and Ms Dunne for coming with us.

By Seán Foley


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