6th class trip to The RDS Primary Science Fair

Last week 6th class went to visit the RDS Primary Science Fair and exhibit their work on “Does Age or Gender Affect Our Ability to Multitask?”

The class was split into 2 different groups, one to take the morning shift and one to take the afternoon shift so the stand wouldn’t be too crowded and each group could take a break and explore the exhibition. The first group met up at school and walked to the RDS while the second group stayed behind at school. 6th class took it in turns to go around to all the different stalls while the others would mind the stand. We got to see lots of really interesting projects and got do lots of fun tests and experiments. We also got a few visitors at our stand. The judges came around and gave us lots of positive feedback and advice. We were presented with a trophy and a certificate.

Overall we had a lovely time and we really enjoyed our time there. We’d also like to thank Ms. Dunne and Ms. Swanton for helping us with our project and coming with us.IMG_2575 IMG_2577 IMG_2568