6th Class News: The Grinch, Kindness and Christmas!

What a great half-term it has been in 6th Class, despite the strangeness of this year. We have done a lot, so here’s a short summary of a few of our highlights.

The most exciting event by far was our Christmas play, which we were able to perform, albeit in a very different way to any other year! We maintained social distance throughout, sanitised our hands every time we came off stage, and made sure we followed all the Covid guidelines. We put on a production of ‘The Grinch’ and we had an amazing time performing, even though we only finished recording at the very end of school that Friday! See some of our amazing props below, made by Mary!  


At the end of our performance, our parents were really sad that they couldn’t see our play in person, so they got us Grinch donuts to celebrate! Thank you to all our parents who bought us the lovely donuts – we enjoyed them while watching the original live-action film ‘The Grinch.’ We made posters to advertise our play. It was recorded and sent out to parents so everybody could enjoy it.


We have been doing Zoom .B sessions with Niamh Byrne recently, and learning to train our minds, to develop our resilience and to calm down to deal with situations. It is really fun, so thank you Niamh!

This half-term we have been focusing on kindness in our school. We painted kindness rocks and put them in the community for people to see and enjoy. We did Random Acts of Kindness for homework for two weeks. We wrote Christmas cards to elderly people in a local nursing home. We also made kindness and friendship posters and put them up around the school to remind people to always be kind.

We have been reading ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ by Michelle Magorian. It is a lovely but quite dark book and it has a lot of plot twists. Ms Fallows always leaves us on cliff-hangers which we despise and loathe! (She loves it.)

In Maths, we have played Battleships to learn about coordinates and made skeletons and nets of 3D shapes.

In SESE, we learned about the US Election, the EU and Brexit. We have had two election campaigns ourselves and have representatives on the School Council and the Green Schools Committee.

In Science, we learned about the digestive system. We even got to see a video where a doctor swallowed a camera and then swallowed sweets so we could see how food travels and gets digested. Our small intestines have hair inside them! It was disgusting and revolting! Some people found it a bit traumatic.

We are in the middle of our 12 Days of Fitness. Ms Fallows is making us work really hard! Every day we add a new exercise to the tune of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’. Earlier in the term, we did the Bleep Test, which was a good test of our fitness. We have been running to take part in our ‘Daily Mile’ as well.

In December, we have made lots of Christmas decorations, such as stockings, Christmas trees and linked in our Maths to make tetrahedron and octahedron ornaments. We sewed the stockings using blanket stitch.

We have an Advent calendar that has all of our names in it. Each day two people get picked out and they get a treat. The whole class also gets a surprise. Each day there is a little bit of the Christmas story for us to think about.

We have been learning lots of Christmas songs in Irish. Jingle Bells or Rudolph seem to be our favourites so far.

We wrote prayers of thanks and hopes for 2021 on a star and hung it on our Christmas tree. Some of the things we are thankful for were: our health, family and friends, the vaccine and Christmas coming soon. Some of our hopes for 2021 are: Covid will disappear, that we will get to go to the Gaeltacht, for a better year for everyone in general, no more lockdowns, that friendships will endure and that we will make new friends and enjoy our new secondary schools when we go.

As we look forward to our final celebrations and the holidays, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas with these words, penned by Dr. Seuss and adapted slightly for our play:

Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store,

Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!

Welcome Christmas, bring your cheer,

Cheer to all Whos (and all of you!) far and near,

And the Grinch lifted his hand and raised a toast:

“To kindness and love, the things we need most.”

Merry Christmas, everyone!


A collaborative blog post by 6th Class