6th Class: Fair Trade, the UN and Global Goals

In class we have been learning about the UN, the global goals and fair-trade. The UN are a group of countries that try as hard as they can to make sure everyone has the same rights, to fight world pollution, keep peace and eliminate poverty.

The “Global Goals” are a set of achievable goals that the UN wants to achieve by 2030 to eliminate poverty and help protect the environment.

Recently in class we played a fair-trade game to help us understand how unfair life can be for farmers. In the game, each family had to produce oranges to earn money. In the family groups we were given different amounts of items such as an orange template, a pencil, a black marker, a pair of scissors, sheets of paper and different amounts of start up money. We had to trace the orange, colour it in, cut it out and bring 4 oranges at a time to the market trader who would pay the family for the oranges. The trader would only accept good oranges! We had to work well as a group! The market trader could reduce or increase the prices for trading the oranges. We could use our income to buy more scissors, pencil, paper and we could rent a sharpener to help us make more oranges. Sometimes Ms. Dunne would tell us one of the families needed new shoes or pay for certain things so we had to pay money to buy them, which decreased our money supply. We always had to have 50 to pay the rent to the tax collector. We learnt how difficult it was to make the oranges without the right supplies and conditions. Fair trade can help reduce poverty.

We all hope to achieve the global goals by 2030!!!

By Izzy and Lana