September and October in 6th Class

6th Class had a busy first couple of months of our last year in St. Matt’s! We have done lots of work and had some fun along the way. See below for a couple of our highlights!

In History, we have been learning about World War II. We have been reading Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian and are fully invested in the story! We have been learning about how people lived during World War II, including rationing, air raids, propaganda and blackouts. We made replica Anderson shelters, as you can see below. Some of us even added some vegetable patches to the top, as they would have done on the real Anderson shelters! We also analysed various propaganda posters from WWII as part of our focus on persuasive writing and images, and created our own versions. Would you be convinced by us?

In SPHE, we were focusing on what is really important to us, what we belong to, and who makes us feel special. As part of this, we created coats of arms in Art and wrote about them. We put a huge amount of effort into these, as you can see from these samples!

This October also marked our last Hallowe’en in the school! We enjoyed dressing up for our last parade together. See our great costumes! We also made pumpkin pot tea lights from clay and painted them for Hallowe’en.