Seachtain na Gaeilge in 6th Class

For the lead up to St. Patrick’s Day weekend, we did Seachtain na Gaeilge where the teachers came up with many fun and enjoyable activities for us to do over the week. We tried to speak as much Irish as possible, and every time we spoke Irish we would get a raffle ticket from the teacher. Then at the end of the week, whoever got the most raffle tickets would win a prize.

We did a Lá Glás, where everyone had to wear as much green as possible. Whoever wore the most creative green won a prize.

On the Friday we sang our song (Sky Full of Stars as Gaeilge). Peter played the piano, and Felix played the drums.

We also did an Irish quiz. All the questions were in Irish, and we had to find the words that we knew and try and figure out what the questions said. We then had to answer the questions in Irish, if you answered in Irish you would get two points and if you answered the correct answer in English you would get one point. We went in groups of five or six. In the end there was a three-way tie breaker. The winning group won a big Easter egg, and the runners up got a smaller Easter egg.

We also did Irish dancing. We did it with Fifth Class. Ms. Fallows taught us all the steps and then we went in groups of fours. Then we did a harder one with eight people.

One of the days, we went to the hall to have juice and biscuits. We went in groups and talked to our friends in Irish. Everyone got many raffle tickets that day, and the bucket was full!

On the last day, we ran Siopa Milseán. It was so much fun! We spoke as much Irish as we could, as well as all of the other classes. We each brought in two euros to spend. We all took on different jobs and rotated them for every class that came. There were two shops, and a group ran each of them. We then had a group that helped the younger children speak Irish and pick what they wanted. We got many sweets and really enjoyed the Siopa Milseán. Earlier that morning we all had assembly where the teachers gave out awards and prizes.

In conclusion, we all thoroughly enjoyed Seachtain na Gaeilge!

By Klara

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