For the last few weeks Sixth Class have been working on mindfulness with Niamh. We’ve been learning to control our ‘animal mind’ and learning to be aware of our bodies and our torch light of attention.

A few lessons ago we did a temptation session. We started by all receiving a Kinder bar. We were told to open the wrapper and take a small piece off. Niamh asked us to notice the chocolate in our hand, to notice the colour and the feel of it. She then asked us to place the piece on our lip and to notice the smell felt against our lip. Then finally she asked us to put the chocolate in our mouths but not to eat it, She asked us to notice the taste and melting sensation on our tongue

Another week we went into the hall to try and fall asleep! We placed out yoga mats and sat down in threes and were told to lie down. We closed our eyes and Niamh instructed us to focus on our breathing, our clothes on our body and the mat we were lying on. Some of us actually fell asleep!

As well as amazing school learning we also have home practice. After every lesson we will be given one for home. At the very start of the lessons we were given a website and passcode and on the website there is a recording for us, about the previous lesson and a practice for us to do.
All in all we are really enjoying our classes with Niamh and we can’t wait to do more to help us with our mindfulness!

By Jessica

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