Friendship Week and Safer Internet Day in 6th Class 

Even though it was a short week with the new bank holiday, it’s still been a busy and a special one! This week was Friendship Week in St. Matt’s, and Tuesday was also Safer Internet Day.  

For Safer Internet Day, 6th Class discussed various ways to keep safe online, including how to avoid cyberbullying online as part of our Stay Safe programme.  Here are some of our top tips in our posters:

It’s also Friendship Week in St. Matt’s! We have been choosing a secret buddy every day in our classroom to do nice things for and to help us to remember to be a good friend. We created ‘hands of friendship’ along with the rest of the school to remind us always to extend the hand of friendship to everyone in our school. We also got creative and wrote friendship recipes and poems, and found inspirational friendship quotes which we designed for display. Be inspired to be a good friend!