Christmas Decorations

It’s Christmas time in Sixth Class, and we have been getting creative in the classroom! Look at these fantabulous decorations 6th Class made!

To start, look at these festive origami trees, handmade by 6th class! We got coloured paper. We cut it into a square. Then, following the instructions, we folded it and cut it to create a tree. It was quite difficult but the result was quite amazing. We decorated our trees and hung them on the Christmas trees.

Now look at one of our breath-taking hand-sewn stockings that 6th Class made as well! We got two pieces of fabric in the shape of a stocking and we learned how to do a blanket stitch all the way around. It was surprisingly easy!  

We also made ornaments out of card. We decorated tetrahedron and octahedron nets (we were learning about 3D shapes), then cut them out and glued the sides together to make our decorations. Then we put a string in them and hung them up. Don’t they look good?

We also collaborated to make some giant snowflakes for the classroom. Altogether, we really enjoyed making lots of decorations for our classroom that we can also bring home.

By Lea, Kate, Zara and Freya