A Christmas Peter Pan

6th Class recorded our annual Christmas play for our school community this month. It was a very different type of Christmas play because of all the Covid regulations but we still had a great time. Our play was called A Christmas Peter Pan. In it, Peter Pan went to the North Pole to see Santa, but Captain Hook kidnapped and froze Santa, and Peter Pan was captured too! It was up to Wendy, John and Michael to rescue Santa and Peter Pan from Captain Hook and the pirates, and to help the elves find Santa’s lost toys and return them in time for Christmas Day!

We had to audition for our part. It was much more fair and fun than just saying what role we wanted, and most of us preferred this. While we were rehearsing, it was like everything was trying to stop us putting on our play! Lots of people were out for various reasons. Then we had to move classroom to put the stage in. We had to learn how to rehearse in our masks (which we were still getting used to!) and for a camera. We had to take two precious days of rehearsal time off because of Storm Barra. Some of our costumes didn’t arrive when we expected them to. Then on the day our Santa could not come so we had to improvise by putting somebody in to play Santa as well as their original role. They had very little time to learn all their lines but they managed to pull through.

On the day of the play, everyone was a little bit nervous when we got into our costumes. When it started we had to be very quiet or else the mics would pick us up. Despite all the hiccups, we did an amazing job, and everyone was very happy. The play went very well! We all had a great time and everyone was relieved and happy that we had done a good job. The next day we all got given a delicious doughnut, thanks to our parents, who were very proud of us. It was a great time!

(Written by Arlo, Henry and Josh)

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