6th Class Trip to Carlingford

6th Class had a wonderful overnight trip to Carlingford last week!

We headed off on the bus extremely early on Thursday morning (we found it hard to get up!) and got to Carlingford at about 9.30am. We dropped our bags off and were then ready for our first activity of the day!

First up was laser combat. We trekked up a huge hill and then got kitted out in camouflage suits and got given our laser guns. We then went into the forest where we were divided into two teams. We had to attack each other! We all had 30 lives, but when those ran out, you needed to go to the ‘Dead Shed’ and just watch until the end. The reds had the upper hand in the first few games. We then moved on to storming the castle and trying to capture the other team’s flag. It was lots of fun! Ms Fallows and Josh joined in too, and we managed to get Ms Fallows back for all the homework she gave us throughout the year! Finally, we played a round where it was every man for himself. Ms Rousseau joined in too! The teachers tried to form a team but they were definitely targeted!

After laser combat it was time to come back down the hill for lunch. We had sausages, chips and tikka masala, which we all enjoyed. Then we quickly changed before heading down to the water for kayaking. We really enjoyed capsizing one another and swimming in the water! We then went to a small beach and played some cool games, before heading back to get changed. Unfortunately, one of the boats lost its bung and sank! They had to wait for the speedboat to rescue them, but they then got a very nice lift back to shore!

When we got back, we ate dinner followed by ice cream and a trip to the local sweet shop, before we headed back up the hill for a campfire. We sang songs, danced and toasted s’mores! We loved it.

After the campfire, we came back down to the centre and spent some time hanging out together in the games room and playing some games together. We put After Eights on our foreheads and raced to get them into our mouths without touching them. It was close but Clara was the winner by a second! We then headed to our rooms where we chatted and hung out for a while before falling asleep.

The next morning, we had breakfast and played some games on the Green before getting on the bus back to Dublin. It was an amazing trip and a great end to 6th Class!

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