6th Class Christmas Play: Christmas in the Land of Oz 

6th Class put on a production of Christmas in the Land of Oz, an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz for Christmas, where Dorothy goes back to the Land of Oz to find some Christmas spirit for her Aunt Em, Uncle Henry and their farm workers, only to find it has been stolen by the Wicked Witch of the North West! She and Toto meet up with some Munchkelves, the Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow to see if she can save Christmas for the Land of Oz and bring back some Christmas spirit! Along the way she has encounters with Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, some flying monkeys, some Mean Girls, and the Wicked Witch of the North West herself! She then needs to get past Mr Jingles and Mr Jangles to see the Wonderful Wizard and hopefully get home! 

We all enjoyed practising and performing this play. It was made an enjoyable experience thanks to our teacher, Ms Fallows, and those around us. We want to give a special thank you to Mary Bolton for doing the set and to the parents for helping us with our costumes and extra props. 

First we auditioned for our roles, this was pretty nerve-wracking as we had to do it in front of the whole class and also a lot of people were trying out for the same roles. Although not everyone got the exact roles they auditioned for, the teachers made sure to give the right people the right roles and no one was too upset. 

Our class first started to learn the songs and lines at home. We then began to spend a lot of time during school perfecting the songs and choreographing. 

After that we started to work out the positions and started making trips out to the church and we all started really practising our lines at home. 

We ran through the whole play many times and the brought in the props. The whole class pitched in and we managed to improvise and bring in all the props that were needed (although some on the day of the play)! 

Some of the scenes that made it to the final production were actually improvised but in our opinion it made the play ten times better. 

This play was a really special experience to us as it is our last one in St. Matthew’s. 

We want to thank everyone involved that we haven’t named here, including Reverend Leonard, who let us use the church as an amazing venue. We also want to thank our incredible classmates who worked so hard and did brilliantly! We want to give the biggest thanks to Ms Fallows for writing this play (in only a week!) and organising everything, from the amazing songs to the even better characters. 

This piece was written by Charlotte, Anna, Megan and Rosie, from Sixth Class (or 

Gretchen, The most Wicked Witch in the land, Karen and Marvin the Munchkelf, from Oz)