Sporting Success in St. Matthew’s!

It’s been a great month for St. Matthew’s, especially for 5th and 6th Class with the boys’ hockey final, football blitzes, relays, long jump and our new climbing club getting in to the finals of their competition!

For a start, the boys were playing in the Leinster Hockey Final this week. They won 3-0 in an amazing display of talent and skill. Two of these goals were scored by Christian (Centre Forward) and the other goal was scored by Marcus (Centre Midfield). The team was delighted with the end result and were ecstatic with their gold medals and trophy. Marcus (the Team Captain) even gave a speech next to the head of Ireland Hockey!

Marcus has been very busy this term! Another of his accomplishments this month is coming second in the Dublin U14 long jump final! this means he has qualified for the national competition (this weekend!), so we’re hoping he does well! He also competed in the 4x200m relay along with Matthew. They came agonisingly close to the final, missing out by 8 milliseconds!

Alongside the Hockey Final, there were also two football blitzes that happened his week. The first blitz was for the boys. They came 2nd. The second blitz of the week was the Girls’ Blitz where they qualified for the semi-final which was a great achievement. Sadly, they weren’t able to beat the team in the semi-final but still did excellently.

This year a climbing club was put together for the school which has 4 members (Anna, Christian, Sebastian and Rosie). The climbing club, despite only having been started this year, won their first competition and have now got into the final!

The final achievement of St. Matthew’s this month is 5th Class’ Hugo O’Neill, who is representing Dublin in shotput soon.

Thank you for reading about St. Matthew’s great achievements this month. I’m sure you’ll agree we’ve had a lot of great success! Check back in May to see how we do in the basketball finals and much more!

Written by Roman

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