Ocova Manor

Once a year every class in St. Matthews N.S goes on their annual school trip.

School trips are greatly welcomed by students as they get to get away from schoolwork for a day and have fun with their classmates.

Fifth class (my class) this year took the bus to an adventure centre in Wicklow, Ovoca Manor, for their school trip.

Lucky for fifth class, they were the only class to go on this particular school trip (usually two classes go on school trips together) and they were also the only school to be at the adventure centre too, which is pretty great, considering the usual school trip places are mostly packed.

When we arrived we split into pairs and walked the steps to the Ovoca Manor, where our class split into three groups to complete different activities. My group was doing the leap of faith first.

You basically had to climb a pole with a harness on and then jump to reach a bar that was hanging about half a metre a way. Harder than it looks. Only a couple of people in my group managed to reach the bar. Don’t mean to brag but I did.

Next was archery. Real bows, real arrows. I got a few good shots but most of mine didn’t even hit the target board.

Finally we did a “ team building activity “. There was a long back tube with a small yellow ball at the bottom. The tube was tied vertically up, and had many holes in it. The task was to fill the tube up with water from the stream with milk cartons to the top so we could take out the yellow ball. So some people used their fingers to cover up the holes, some people poured the water into the black tube and some people filled up the cartons in the stream.

Everyone got drenched. It tuned into a water fight. My group were the only group who managed to get the yellow ball out of the tube. Yay😍

Then we went inside, the owner of the house gave a small speech, we got our stuff together and went home.

I really enjoyed this years school trip and so did everyone else.

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