All About Sandymount

5th class spent the first part of the school year learning all about the local area in history. We had a visit from a local historian, visited St Matthew’s old school house and went on a walk to see some points of interest around the school.

Historian Visit

Mr Holohan visited 5th class and told us so much about Sandymount through the years. We were all captivated by his story telling skills and his knowledge of the Sandymount area.

Local Walk

Along with the help of parent volunteers, 5th Class, Ms Cavanagh and Mary B went for a local area walk with the historian. St Matthew’s Church doors were open as we were passing so we were also given a tour of the church. Even though most of us have been in the church many times, there were a lot of things pointed out that we had not seen before.

St Matthew’s Old School

A trip to the first St Matthew’s school building was a great learning experience. We sat in the old classroom and heard about school life. It was very different than our school days! We looked at pictures and were amazed at places we could recognise.