5th and 6th class trip to the Natural History Museum

This year the fifth and sixth classers had the pleasure of going on a fascinating trip to the national history museum of Ireland or in other words- The dead zoo.Our trip started off with a peaceful walk to our destination, which took roughly about 30 minutes.Once we arrived, we sat outside the museum in the lovely weather and had a much deserved snack after our long walk.As we entered the building , we all were amazed by the size and variety of animals,there was all sorts of insects,mammals, water creatures and there was even fossils and gemstones! After the main event , we strolled to insomnia and had warm hot chocolates to heat our bones. As we drank our hot chocolates we walked to St.Stephens green park and everyone played in the playground. overall it was a fantastic trip and I think it’s safe to say that everybody is very grateful that we are able to do things like this.