4th Class highlights!

Check out some of the 4th class highlights below!

In fourth class this term, we learned so much and we did loads of fun things! One of the things we did was an experiment in science. It was on diffusing. We put skittles on a plate in our pods and then Ms. McKay poured warm water onto the plate and we watched the colours blend and swirl into the water. It was really fun taking down facts about what happening (though it was torture not to eat the skittles). In the end we got to eat skittles. (they were amazing!) I really enjoyed that day. Ms. McKay is a great teacher!

By Anna

From Halloween to Christmas we have been doing our discussion writing ‘Are Zoos good or bad for animals?’. For homework we made a cover for the writing. Then we had 3 reasons for each side of the discussion and we stapled the pages that we wrote together and we stuck them up on the wall.

By Tate

This term we did an experiment with diffusion. Diffusion is when different atoms separate around an area. For example, in a tea you have lots of atoms and when you put it into water, they separate to make the flavour. What we did was we got skittles and put them in a circle and poured hot water on them and they started to separate with the water turning into different colour streams.

By Sebastian

This term we started to look at Stop Motion. This was where we made a global warming movie. There are around 6 people per pod and 3 main scenes in our little movie. So it was 2 people per scene. The first scene was our world and how it is like a greenhouse. The second scene was the burning of fossil fuels and cows producing methane. The third and final scene was how the heat is making the ice caps melt which is going to make the polar bears extinct. My favourite thing was the amount of pictures we had to take!

By Nikolai

This term we learned a lot of things and did fun activities. One of my favourites was the paper snowflake because everyone had at least 6 strips of paper that were made into paper chains. We made them into paper chains. Then Ms. McKay hung them up in the classroom. The snowflakes looked really pretty and were easy to make. I also liked the stop motion. It was all about global warming, why it happens, why we should care and how to stop it. It was really fun. We took pictures and made the pictures into a movie.

By Charlotte