STEAM Week in 3rd Class

We had a busy STEAM week at school in November. STEAM week stands for S-Science T-Technology E-Engineering, A-Art and M-Maths. Each day we had a different activity to complete.  

On Monday we were experimenting in our science. We were learning about the water cycle. We shared what we already knew about it. Then we watched a really interesting video all about the different stages of the water cycle. The children were split into groups and they were given plastic bags, blue coloured water and a maker. They had to make their own water cycle in a bag. We predicted and observed over the week what was happening. We really enjoyed this experiment.  

On Tuesday, we were given spaghetti and marshmallows and had to plan and create the tallest tower.  

On Wednesday, we were given the task of making balloon cars. The children worked in groups and followed the instructions. We overcame many problems such as the wheels not being large enough and ensuring that our straw wasn’t blocked by the band. Unfortunately, only 2 cars were able to move but we enjoyed solving the problems and working with our friends! 

Our art task was to create mosaic pictures. We have to use small pieces of paper to create a picture. We created some interesting pieces. We also had a visit from Margaret and she helped us to make paper helicopters. This was great fun and she even let us take them home! 

Finally on Friday we played math games to practice our multiplication and division.  

We were so lucky to get to do so many different activities over STEAM week!