Experimenting in 3rd Class!

We have had a busy few weeks in Third Class. We were lucky to complete lots of science experiments. We spent time exploring tooth decay and we were discussing what we think happens to our teeth when we drink different drinks.  

We set up an experiment to see the effect on our teeth. We used eggs as they are similar to our teeth. The 4 drinks that we choose to experiment with were coke, cold coffee, vinegar and water. We added an egg to each cup and then added another egg covered in toothpaste to the cup with coffee, this was our control. We left the eggs in the liquids for 3 days and on the third day we removed the eggs and inspected what had happened.  

We were able to brush away the shell of the egg that was in the vinegar. We could also see that the shells were decaying on the eggs that were in the coke and coffee. The egg in the water had no change and the egg with the toothpaste was protected.  

We really enjoyed this experiment and we were surprised at the results!