3rd Class Assembly

We did a project on the Amazon Rainforest.  We all had so much fun making this project.  It took a lot of hard work and preparation but it was worth it in the end because our project was AMAZING!  We created 3 music pieces: a body percussion rainstorm, we used musical instruments to make a rainforest soundscape and we sung a song.  We also performed a play about all the different people and animals that live in the rainforest. We had scientists, loggers, tribes etc.  We also made powerpoint presentations using the laptops to create a presentation about the rainforest including where it is located, climate, features, tribes, animals, deforestation and how to protect the rainforest.  We had so much fun making this project and we really learnt a lot and the best part was showing it to all our mums and dads when we hosted assembly.

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